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Keeping Your House Cool On A Budget

fanKeeping your house cool on a budget is something we all strive to do. It can be a challenge but there are a few simple tricks that can make a difference.

  1. Close your blinds. When the sun comes through your windows 76% of the energy becomes heat. Closing the blinds will make a significant difference!
  2. Use a fan! Using a stand alone fan or a ceiling fan is more energy efficient than an air conditioning unit.
  3.  Cook outdoors. Using an outdoor grill is far better than using your oven which will heat up your kitchen.
  4. Unplug your Electronics.  When  you unplug your electronics, you not only save energy  but you prevent them from creating residual heat.
  5. Change your sheets. Flannel sheets and fleece blankets are great in the cooler months but lighter fabric such as cotton will be much more comfortable in the summer.

Soon the hot summer months will be a memory but these steps will help you be more comfortable in the moment.

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on August 15, 2018
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