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It’s Time to Declutter , But Where Do I Begin?

We all know the feeling when it’s time to declutter, but where do you begin?  The kids have moved out, you’re getting ready to move or maybe you’re just tired of all the piles. The thought can be overwhelming.

Where Should You Begin?

The first thing to remember when you declutter is that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can start with a desk drawer, one cupboard in the kitchen, shoes in the back of closet or even the drawer of winter hats and gloves. You’ll have immediate success and a feeling accomplishment that will motivate you to try again. Just a quick fifteen minutes at a time can make an amazing difference in a month.

What will make the difference each day?

Once you’ve started to make some decluttering progress think about what will make a difference in each day. Will mornings be easier if you decluttered the bathroom shelves and cupboards? Think about the coat closet. Would it help to have only the coats coats and bags that you use daily in that closet? What would make your day run more smoothly if only it were better organized and decluttered. That’s for you to decide.

Now it’s time for the big stuff!

Now it’s time for the bigger project. How about that storage room? Just start with one small box. Then choose another and soon you’ll be able to walk around and actually find what you need or want.

Now that you’re feeling successful at deculttering, it will be easier to continue and you’ll be pleased with yourself.


Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on May 30, 2018
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