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Fall Maintenance Checklist

leaves in gutters MLM

With fall, there comes home maintenance items that should be done. Sometimes we can remember what we need to do but sometimes it’s handy to have a reminder.

1. Remember to put the mower away. If you have a hand mower the job is easy but if you have a gas mower check out the YouTube videos or ask at your local hardware store what you need to do in order to store your mower for the winter and still have it work well when spring arrives.

2. Remove garden hoses drain them ¬†and put them in storage whether it’s a garage or a storage shed. If you leave the hoses attached and there is a sudden freeze you could have cracked or frozen pipes.

3. Cover the hose bibs with insulated hose bib covers.

4. Clean the gutters. This means remove the twigs, leaves and assorted debris that collects in those gutters. It will help the water flow off the roof and help prevent leaks.

5. Check the downspouts. Does the water from the gutters drain away from the house so it will not leak into the basement or crawlspace?

6. The furnace will be coming on more regularly. Do you need to replace the furnace filter? This is a good time to change the filter and have a couple spares on hand so you can change it regularly.

7. Check the batteries in your safety devices and use the test button to make sure they work. This includes both the smoke detectors and the CO detectors.

Here’s to a pleasant fall and winter.

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on October 26, 2016