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Spring Cleaning

While the first day of spring might be a few weeks away, here at MLM we can’t wait to start spring cleaning!  Here’s a great article  from Forbes that recommends cleaning every room in your house as well as your garage!  It might be a daunting task, but once accomplished you will feel so relieved!

Here are some tips according to the article:

– Make sure to clean up and organize your entry hall.
– Deep clean the kitchen (make sure to get all the spots that you don’t do on your regular clean).
– Start using the dining room as a dining room! Dust it off and set the table.
– Take out any extra stuff that has made it into the living room and find a home for it/return it to its home.
– De-clutter your bedroom! Aim to make this a peaceful place with minimal distractions (so you can sleep better).
– Use some ‘elbow grease’ and deep clean those bathrooms. Add some new decor and towels to freshen up the restrooms.
– Have your kids help you organize their toys, books, art supplies and anything else into bins to tidy up the room.
– If your home office is full of stacks of paper/bills/magazines…set some time aside to file/shred/recycle everything…(yes, everything!).
– Make sure your laundry room is clean and efficient. And don’t forget to put away all those clothes!
-And lastly, for the garage: Make 3-4 piles (keep, donate, throw away, maybe put on Craigslist!)

Hopefully these tips can help you out for spring cleaning!

Enjoy the sun!
Kit & the MLM team

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on February 16, 2015
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