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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Seattle LOVES coffee! That statement is described in detail in the USA Today article, that you can find here,  which describes in detail the luxurious caffeinated liquid that all Seattleites hold dear.

Our two favorite neighborhood cafes are Cafe Javasti and Cloud City.  While we love them we also love trying out new coffee establishments.  Nancy and I tried Slate in Ballard and it was and experience that no one should miss!

Here are a few more cafes that we like in Seattle:

-Broadcast Coffee
-Cafe Umbria
-Empire Espresso
-Milstead & Co.
-Street Bean Espresso
-Seattle Coffee Works
-Cafe Ladro

Let us know which ones you’ve tried and which ones are your faves!

-Kit & the fully caffinated MLM team

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on January 26, 2015
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