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Winter Projects: Owners Edition

We can all feel the weather change. Fall is definitely here! Which means winter is quickly approaching. As a home owner, it’s that time of year to make sure everything is in order with your house, or here at MLM we call it ‘winterizing’.  While winter isn’t here yet, it’s definitely a good idea to start prepping for it.

Here are some of our favorite DIY tips for home owners:

1. Interior painting: From ombre walls to murals, a new splash of paint with glam up any room!

Ombre walls? Oh yes!
(Credit to RemodelAholic! ) 

2. Insulate your water heater tank:

Follow step by step directions at

3. Organize: When the Seattle weather is predicted to rain 3 weeks in a row, it’s safe to say you’ll have some serious indoor time on your hands. Why not go through the office/garage/guest bedroom/kitchen junk drawer and spend those rainy days organizing!

Visit Project Done for more organizing tips!

4. Switch out light bulbs: By switching to certain kinds of light bulbs, you could save up to $50 a year on electricity!

Check out more lighting choices here!

5. Indoor remodels: Wanted to update that bathroom? Or maybe spruce up the guest bedroom? Maybe even finish the basement? Now’s the time to do it! From small DIY projects to projects that require a contractor, winter is a great time to get a jump start on them all!

-Kit and the MLM team

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on November 3, 2014
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