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We’re Always Learning!

at conference
Maple Leaf Property Management attended the state conference of the National Association of Residential Property Management (NARPM) in Spokane Washington. The organization is a membership for the best of the best property managers in the country. We participated in three days of learning and sharing new ideas. We love bringing home new ideas to continue to offer the best customer service in the Pacific Northwest.

Drano is NOT the Solution for Plugged Drains!

DranoWe have had a lot of issues recently with clogged drains and tenants using Drano as a first defense.  Seattle has some very old plumbing and Drano or any chemicals are very harmful to the plumbing and can deteriorate the pipes, leading to much bigger issues than just a slow drain.  There are several natural remedies for a clogged drain, which you can find on our website:

DIY Maintenance Resources

Water Leaks

Water leaks do matter. They are hard on your home and hard on the wallet. This should be addressed at your earliest opportunity! If you live in a property that we manage and you have a water leak, please contact us so we can help resolve the problem.

water leaks

It’s Time To Check the Batteries!

It’s that time of year to check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

Even those hard wired into your house have backup batteries that need to be changed.
Check your carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries.
Check the manufacturer date on both — if older than 10 years your alarm needs replacing.

Snow and Melting Snow

melting iceWe’ve experienced so much snow in Seattle and surrounding areas in the last week that now we have slush and melting snow. This is a reminder to be aware and keep drains clear and shovel the snow away from your house. Consider where you want that snow to melt. Do not climb on your roof to remove the snow because this will add more weight to the roof. Also, check your pipes for leaks and damage.

Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softner


Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener

These are great for making laundry smell fresh and reducing static, but not so great for your dryer. Dryer sheets and fabric softener leave a residue which, over time, can create a waxy build-up on the lint trap/filter. If there is too much residue on the lint trap, the air flow in the dryer will be cut off, and the machine will overheat—possibly blowing a thermal fuse. To check your filter, run water over it, and if water puddles, there is waxy build-up. Cleaning is simple: use a de-greasing detergent (such as Dawn) and scrub with a brush or scratchy sponge. Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back into the dryer.

And while we’re talking about dryers, if your dryer is in a small space, like a closet, please make sure to have the closet door open while using the dryer. Dryers require sufficient “makeup air” in the room, or they will overheat. And always, always clean out the lint trap after every use: both for the life of the dryer and for safety as lint is highly flammable.

Mail and Packages Reminder

package delivery

Mail and Packages Reminder!

If you leave town, please always put your mail on hold!  This can be done online at the USPS website.  Accumulated mail and packages not only welcome theft but also indicate a vacant property.

If you are expecting packages and have unsecured mailboxes (front porches, etc) consider requesting the packages are signed for or have them delivered to a place of business (ie your workplace)

There is also something called Informed Delivery that I highly recommend. Again, you can sign up  online at USPS. It is a free service.  You will get a daily email with gray scale photo of what mail the carrier delivered that day so you will know if anything is missing.  You will also be notified when packages are delivered.

Gutters – Rain and Leaves!


It’s that time of year, please take care of your gutters!

Gutters – Rain and Leaves!

Keep gutters clear to help move moisture away from the house. Inform your property manager if they are clogged. One of the most common problems is when gutters are clogged, the water pools around the foundation and can flood basements or crawl spaces.Please keep all outdoor drains clear of leaves so water does not pool up in the yard. Keep an eye on drains on the street to help keep them clear also.