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At the Office

GFF mobile food SeattleIt was “Sunshine Bowl” day at our “Welcome Summer” party! Maple Leaf
Property Management can’t get enough of the “I Love My GFF” bowls! The big
debate was which one we like better. No one could decide, they are both
worth 5 Stars!!! What a great company function to welcome summer, and they
deliver! We added White Sangria

In The Office

Lee and Liz


We truly are the dream team! This girl right here has been a lifesaver over the past year with my business, she’s in my head, and does things before I even say it…I am already missing her and she hasn’t even left for Florida yet to go to school. I keep telling her Florida is over rated! Lizolicious thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help with my business!

Who Let The Dogs Out


It’s a fact that we at Maple Leaf Management love our dogs. We do have an office dog named Boo. He actually has a person too named Kit but is loved by all the folks in the office. Many of our property managers have dogs and many of our tenants have dogs. We Seattlites also love to take our dogs with us to the park, the store and even out to eat. We just read an article that names the best places to take your dog with you when you go out to eat. Check them out and let us know what you think or if there are other dog friendly establishments that we should add to the list.

Places To Visit In Seattle

Kubota garden

Best Places to visit in Seattle this spring

When it gets to be this time of year in Seattle, we’re all tried of the rain and are looking for things to do outside. I just came across this list on Curbed Seattle about Best Places to visit in Seattle this spring. There are places listed like the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, the Ballard Farmers Market, the Smith Tower and Kubota Garden.  I think it’s time for a road trip.


Indoor Spring Maintenance

clean garage

Spring has arrived and now you’re thinking about some indoor spring maintenance, getting out and working in the yard, going for a hike or you just want to do something besides sit in the house. There are a few things that you can do to clean and organize that will make the days feel a bit calmer.

Let’s start with indoor spring cleaning and organizing.

  1.  Clean out the garbage disposal with 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by one cup of white vinegar. Once the bubbles settle, pour in a pot of boiling water and let it sit for five minutes. Follow up by running cold water through the disposal to flush out any remaining debris.
  2. Clean off the windows and doors by cleaning the glass. If you do this on a cloudy day the sun will not cause streaks.
  3. Now lets tackle the garage. Get rid of things that you haven’t used lately. Throw away any unusable items and recycle what you can. Put items back on shelves and sweep the floor.
  4. Change the air filter in the furnace. This will keep the heating and cooling running more efficiently.
  5. If you have an air conditioner, this is the time to have it serviced. Soon, it will be time to use that air conditioner and you don’t want to be surprised if it doesn’t work properly.
  6. If you have paddle ceiling fans did you know there is a better way to have them rotate? During the spring and summer ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise when looking up at the fan. This creates a downdraft so you feel cooler.
  7. If you have a fireplace you probably will not be using it during the spring and summer. Be sure to close the damper to keep out the drafts, insects, rain and animals.

Soon we’ll talk about some things do to for outside maintenance but for now, enjoy the change of the seasons.

Maple Leaf Property Management

MLM crew!

We are a team of dedicated, experienced, and highly successful women that have a passion for helping others. Our philosophy is to consistently deliver reliable service with attention to detail in order to provide peace of mind for all of our clients. We listen in order to meet needs and investment goals. We are in a people business and we enjoy people.

MollyLandrethPhotography-5webWe find it exciting when one of our tenants has a new baby, or our owner finally has enough time to go on a worry free vacation. We embrace technology and love changing up our procedures to accommodate innovation. We foster relationships built on solid communication of integrity and mutual respect. We value each and every one of our relationships and, we really enjoy having fun!

We look forward to working with you!

“The foundation of this company is based on our principals and our character. Every individual, property manager, assistant and vendor contributes in a unique way to bring together a team that is second to none in this industry.”
— Michelle Bannister – Office Manager.

Find out how Maple Leaf Management LLC can help you by visiting our website and contacting us at 206-250-7367 to set up a free consultation.