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Yard Waste Collection for Seattle Customers this November

Free Extra Yard Waste Collection for Seattle Customers in November

Rake leaves from drains to prevent flooding and set out for free pick up during November.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is providing free extra yard waste pick up for household customers from November 1-30, 2017. SPU provides this benefit to encourage residents to help keep storm drains clear of fallen leaves.

Fallen leaves can block storm drains and lead to flooding in neighborhoods. Raking leaves and keeping drains clear helps to prevent unnecessary flooding. As leaves continue to fall, residents are encouraged to check and clear their drains to keep the water flowing (as long as conditions are safe to do so). Customers should set out extra leaves on their regular collection day for pick up during the month of November.

Extra yard waste must be in paper bags, or placed in an extra container that contains only yard waste. SPU will accept up to 10 bags of extra yard waste per household for free from November 1-30, 2017.

Multiple Changes to Washington’s Residential Landlord-Tenant Act

Effective July 28, 2019, the passage of SB 5600, HB 1138, HB 1440, and HB 1462

made permanent changes to Washington State’s Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (RLTA).

Here’s a quick snapshot of the various changes:

— The 3-day notices to pay or vacate have been increased to 14 days, giving tenants an extended time frame to come up with rent and increasing the wait time to begin the

eviction process to two weeks. The new notice also includes a mandatory form in

multiple languages providing resource information for the tenants.

— Rent has been defined to include all recurring charges: not one-time charges.

All payments must be applied to rent first (this is already the rule in Seattle).

— Several changes have been made to the military clause addendum. Service members must now provide 20 days’ notice, up from 7, to terminate a lease if they receive relocation orders outside a certain perimeter from their current location.

— All landlords must now provide 60 days’ notice for all rent increase, regardless of the

amount of increase. This applies to both term leases and month-to-month leases.

City-specific rules for rent increase will be superseded by this new state law, as the

state law is equally or more restrictive.

— Landlords must provide a 120-day notification to terminate any tenancy due to

demolition or any change requiring a permit. If the owner is moving back into the

property, only a 20-day termination notice is required (this is not considered a change

of use). As with the rent increase rule, this supersedes any rule that is less restrictive.

Summer Watering

The Seattle Public Utilities recommends that you water shrubs deeply, but infrequently when the weathers starts to get warmer.

Most plants do best if the soil is allowed to partially dry out between waterings. For lawns, a loss of shine or footprints showing indicate that it’s time to water. Vegetables and other annuals should be watered at the first sign of wilting, but tougher perennials (plants that live several years) only need water if they stay droopy after it cools off in the evening. Trees and shrubs usually don’t need any watering once their roots are fully established (two to five years), except in very dry years.

If a lawn is allowed to go dormant in the summer (turn brown) the lawn will still need a good soaking every month in the summer to remain healthy.  If you choose to let your lawn go dormant and you have dogs, be aware that this can cause more damage to the lawn and the lawn may need to be aerated and overseeded in the fall to bring the lawn back to good condition.


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If you have not been to our office, we have some chairs and table outside the door. Cloud City Coffee is next door and we like to drop in for some coffee and a treat and then come and sit in our space. If you would like to stop by and sit for a minute, we’d love to say hello.

Top 3 Property Management Companies in Seattle!

We are so proud of our team! We were named one of the Top 3 Property Management Companies in the Seattle Region by THREE BEST RATED! All property management companies were rated on 50-Point Inspection criteria which included, experience, customer service, reputation, website, community awards, and reviews. From the results of the 50-Point Inspection, the companies that rated in the top three are given their Excellence Award and are featured on their website. Our team works very hard to provide the best customer service and it always feels great when we are rewarded for it. Our Reliable Service – Your Peace of Mind. Go Team! You can go to the Three Best Rated website to view more information.


We Were Featured!



We were featured on the Better Business Bureau’s Sunday Spotlight! This is the best team in the business! If you need property management services – look no further and give us a call! Our Reliable Service – Your Peace of Mind

Property Manager – Rock Stars!

property manager rock stars

Property Manager – Rock Stars!

Congratulations to Lauren Brandt, Ashley Wickstrom, and Tawnyel Gibbons, for receiving 37, Five Star Reviews over the last 60 days on Yelp, Google and Facebook. We are so proud of the service that they provide to their clients. Lauren, Ashley, and Tawnyel, along with the entire Maple Leaf Property Management team – know how to take the burden of management off of the owners while providing a great place to live for the tenants! Not an easy job, but our team is the best! When looking for relationship-oriented professionals to service your investment, look no further than this team!

Our Reliable Service – Your Peace of Mind.