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At the Office

GFF mobile food SeattleIt was “Sunshine Bowl” day at our “Welcome Summer” party! Maple Leaf
Property Management can’t get enough of the “I Love My GFF” bowls! The big
debate was which one we like better. No one could decide, they are both
worth 5 Stars!!! What a great company function to welcome summer, and they
deliver! We added White Sangria

Daylight Saving Time and Smoke Alarms

smoke alarm

This weekend we have the move to daylight saving time. For many this can be a challenge as we give up an hour of sleep. It may take a few days to get accustomed to the change. One other reminder is to check those smoke alarms. Many homes also have CO alarms. The semi-annual time change is the perfect time to change the batteries in those alarms as well.

Enjoy the longer days as we wait for the sunny warmer days ahead.

Seattle Views

Seattle viewSeattle views are spectacular. Those of us who have lived here for a long time know this is true. If you’re a newcomer however, or if you just don’t get into the city that much it can be hard to figure out where to go and what to look for. The Visit Seattle website shares lots of great places for spectacular views. They range from the Space Needle, to the Seattle Public Library and even the glass wall atrium at SeaTac airport. Check them out, you might even be able to add places of your own. Spectacular Views In Seattle

Fall Maintenance Checklist

leaves in gutters MLM

With fall, there comes home maintenance items that should be done. Sometimes we can remember what we need to do but sometimes it’s handy to have a reminder.

1. Remember to put the mower away. If you have a hand mower the job is easy but if you have a gas mower check out the YouTube videos or ask at your local hardware store what you need to do in order to store your mower for the winter and still have it work well when spring arrives.

2. Remove garden hoses drain them  and put them in storage whether it’s a garage or a storage shed. If you leave the hoses attached and there is a sudden freeze you could have cracked or frozen pipes.

3. Cover the hose bibs with insulated hose bib covers.

4. Clean the gutters. This means remove the twigs, leaves and assorted debris that collects in those gutters. It will help the water flow off the roof and help prevent leaks.

5. Check the downspouts. Does the water from the gutters drain away from the house so it will not leak into the basement or crawlspace?

6. The furnace will be coming on more regularly. Do you need to replace the furnace filter? This is a good time to change the filter and have a couple spares on hand so you can change it regularly.

7. Check the batteries in your safety devices and use the test button to make sure they work. This includes both the smoke detectors and the CO detectors.

Here’s to a pleasant fall and winter.

Low-Cost Utility Line Insurance Now Available

sewerlineWhen water or sewer lines break, repairs can’t wait. It’s an emergency situation that property owners dread because home insurance generally does not cover underground exterior water and sewer lines leading to the street, making them susceptible to very costly repairs. Now, property owners working with Maple Leaf Management can purchase affordable coverage for those lines, regardless of their primary insurance carrier or the age of the home.

Maple Leaf Management is a member of the Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA). One of the benefits of this membership is low-cost utility line insurance–a benefit we can extend to our property owners. The cost of coverage for a single family home or duplex is only $7.99 per month (additional coverage available for multi-unit properties). Coverage has no deductible and will cover up to $5,000 in repairs. The program is administered by National Water Company (NWC) on behalf of Lyndon Southern Insurance Company. NWC also provides 24-hour emergency response, a 24/7 claim service hotline, expert customer service, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Subscribers are also able to take advantage of NWC’s thoroughly vetted list of repair providers, which not only reduces the cost of the repair, but guarantees it will be done well.

NWC also offers a sewer line inspection program that includes $10,000 in sewer line insurance. For $250, you receive a full inspection report, a copy of the inspection video, clear repair recommendations (if applicable), and a one-year $10,000 insurance policy for your water and sewer lines post-inspection.

To view the complete list of terms and conditions and to enroll, click here.

Day of Giving Tuesday

Celebrate ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ by making a donation to the Mary’s Place No Child Sleeps Outside campaign. They are raising $500,000 to bring moms, dad, and their children inside to warmth and safety this winter.
With your help, they can open a crisis-response winter shelter to help bring inside the 550 families in King County who are sleeping in places unfit for human habitation.
Mary’s Place – No Child Sleeps Outside
MLM - Mary's Place