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Snow Reminders 2020

snowy street

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

As I am sure you are all aware, cooler weather is in the forecast along with what seems to be a good probability of snow.  We would like to help everyone be proactive and get ready for the inclement weather.  Many of these things were communicated in a general tenant letter on November 1st, but this is another reminder.

SINGLE FAMILY HOME TENANTS:  If you live in a single-family home, it is your responsibility to keep your sidewalks shoveled and free of snow and ice.   Learning from last year and how it was virtually impossible to purchase salt or de-icer when we were in desperate need, I would highly recommend the time to purchase it is now.  Stock up and be ready – and maybe purchase a snow shovel at the same time!  🙂  The City has announced that they WILL BE enforcing penalties if sidewalks are not shoveled and kept free of snow and ice. There is a $50 fine for single-family homes for the first violation.

APARTMENT BUILDING TENANTS:  You will most likely see someone spreading salt over this weekend to your walkways, sidewalks and parking areas.  If we get as much snow as we did last year, we will have teams working on clearing the snow.  We ask for your patience however, as last year taught us, everyone is working long hours and availability is spread very thin.

Along with the forecast of snow, we will, of course, have our usual deluge of rainfall, which seems to already have started.  Please keep an eye out for overflowing gutters, tree branches falling, and any other issues that you notice – you are our eyes and ears on the property.

Preparing your home for freezing temperatures
Disconnect any garden hoses and, if possible, wrap or otherwise protect hose faucets to minimize freezing.

Make sure your heat is on and the temperature is set to 60 degrees or higher to minimize the chance of frozen pipes.  Most insurance companies will not cover damage from frozen pipes if heat is not maintained inside your home and you may be personally responsible for damages as a result.  This applies both to condominiums, apartments and detached homes.

Leave cabinet and closet doors open under sinks and along exterior walls of your home to allow heat to circulate.

If you do have a pipe break, shut off the water supply as soon as possible and remove as much of the water as you can.  Plumbers and water damage companies will be overwhelmed with calls, so you will need to be as patient as possible while waiting for them to be able to get to you.

Rental Criteria

At Maple Leaf Management, we want you to know and understand our rental criteria and application disclosure.

Rental Criteria

Property Management: Your Business Is Our Business

Mple Leaf Management

Property Management: Your Business Is Our Business

According to Wikipedia, property management is “the operation, control, and oversight of
real estate…This is akin to the role of management in any business.” When you or your
client rents out real property, it becomes a business—a storefront—and the tenants are
the customers. As with any business, whether it’s a restaurant, a health clinic, or a car
dealership, there are myriad rules and regulations to follow, customer service issues to
negotiate, and accounting challenges to overcome. To build on Wikipedia’s definition,
Maple Leaf Property Management is not just a property management company, we’re a
business management company. It’s our job to maximize prots, maintain excellent
customer service, and make sure the business is in compliance with all of the rules and
regulations associated with our industry. Whether the owner lives two blocks from his or
her property or lives on the other side of the world, they can be confident that we’re making sure their “business” is running smoothly.

Yard Waste Collection for Seattle Customers this November

Free Extra Yard Waste Collection for Seattle Customers in November

Rake leaves from drains to prevent flooding and set out for free pick up during November.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is providing free extra yard waste pick up for household customers from November 1-30, 2017. SPU provides this benefit to encourage residents to help keep storm drains clear of fallen leaves.

Fallen leaves can block storm drains and lead to flooding in neighborhoods. Raking leaves and keeping drains clear helps to prevent unnecessary flooding. As leaves continue to fall, residents are encouraged to check and clear their drains to keep the water flowing (as long as conditions are safe to do so). Customers should set out extra leaves on their regular collection day for pick up during the month of November.

Extra yard waste must be in paper bags, or placed in an extra container that contains only yard waste. SPU will accept up to 10 bags of extra yard waste per household for free from November 1-30, 2017.

Fall and Winter Preparations

Now that you’ve raked your leaves, it’s also time to think about more weatherization for your home.

Prevent Plumbing Freezes
Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Most frozen pipes are a result of failure to disconnect hoses or turn
off outdoor shut off valves. If you have shut off valves for your hoses in the house or basement, don’t
forget to turn them off. Insulate any exposed plumbing pipes, including spigots,

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