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Baby, it’s HOT Outside!

wateringWe are off to another beautiful summer!  However, we had little rain in June and July is shaping up to be hot and dry as well.  Therefore, you all need to water!  Even dormant lawns and mature landscaping need a thorough dousing to avoid stress, and possible dying. 

Seattle Public Utility Guidelines are:

The Seattle Public Utilities recommends that you water shrubs deeply, but infrequently when the weathers starts to get warmer.

Most plants do best if the soil is allowed to partially dry out between waterings. For lawns, a loss of shine or footprints showing indicate that it’s time to water. Vegetables and other annuals should be watered at the first sign of wilting, but tougher perennials (plants that live several years) only need water if they stay droopy after it cools off in the evening. Trees and shrubs usually don’t need any watering once their roots are fully established (two to five years) except in very dry years.

If a lawn is allowed to go dormant in the summer (turn brown) the lawn will still need a good soaking every month in the summer to remain healthy.  If you choose to let your lawn go dormant and you have dogs, be aware that this can cause more damage to the lawn and the lawn may need to be aerated and overseeded in the fall to bring the lawn back to good condition.

Here is a link to the City of Seattle “Smart Watering”  guidelines  if you are interested in more information. 

Remember to water in the evening to minimize evaporation.

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Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on June 19, 2018