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Normal Wear and Tear – Dirt and Pet Damage

normal wear and tear dirt floor

What is normal wear and tear for dirt and also for pet damage?

Pet Damage and Dirt and Grime:

Pet damage is a possibility when you rent to tenants with pets. Not all pet owners will have pets that create damage to a unit. Stains in the carpet, holes in the yard and scratched floors or chewed walls or doors are not considered normal wear and tear.

Tenants should leave a unit clean when they move out. The same condition of clean as when the moved in.  Clogged drains, filthy bathtubs and sinks, food in the fridge and piles of trash are all examples of things beyond the description of normal wear and tear.

While there may be exceptions to all of these normal wear and tear items, at Maple Leaf Management we try to be clear about the condition of the unit both at move in and move out. We also try to be clear about our expectations. We document the condition both with a written condition report and pictures. Our goal is to do a great job for both our owners and for our tenants.

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on November 30, 2016
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