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Normal Wear and Tear – Floors

What is normal wear and tear? As floor wear and tearproperty managers, we’re always talking with owners and tenants about normal wear and tear. What is normal and what exceeds normal wear and tear.

This can vary of course but here are some guidelines for floors.


Floors will not be in pristine condition when a tenant leaves. Carpet has a limited lifetime with high traffic areas showing more wear and it’s common for some indentations from furniture. Steam cleaning will generally bring carpet back into decent shape. Pet stains, holes and burns are not going to be considered normal wear and tear. With hardwood floors, the same applies. Worn or scuffed floors in areas with lots of traffic can be expected but deep gouges or extensive scratches are not normal wear and tear. With tile or linoleum it depends on the quality of the flooring and what has caused the damage. If it’s peeling near the door, it’s most likely wear and tear but if it’s chipped or gouged, it’s more likely to fall into the beyond wear and tear category.

At Maple Leaf Management we take pictures of move in and move out condition and we have a move in condition report so we can help document for owners and tenants the condition of the floors.

Posted by: mapleleafmanagement on November 9, 2016
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